Soundtrack 2016

En esto se basó mi 2016:

Entre bochinches y berrinches,
Emociones y decepciones
Y sobre todo, muchas experiencias.

1. Tango With Lions - In A Bar:

"I need to see a friend tonight
Or see the people in a bar
I wish they could not see me at all
How I wish I could describe their pain
Or my pain"

2. Devics - Heart And Hands:

"Love, is this running?
Am I stopping?
Will you hold?
Love, am I running?"

3. She Wants Revenge - Written In Blood:

"Then again it could go up in flames,
And I'll take you down in the name of love.
Maybe one last kiss just to ease the pain
All or nothing it's written in blood"

4. Devics - Here She Comes:

"She was stained
Would it be just like any other day to let it go?
To let you know
That I love you"

5. Janis Joplin- Piece Of My Heart:

"And each time I tell myself that I, well I think I've had enough,
But I'm gonna show you, baby, that a woman can be tough."

6. Sarah Jaffe - Pretender:

"Here's your chance
I give you what you want
I am a giver
Here's your chance
To tell me what you want
I'm a forgiver"

7. Amy Winehouse - Rehab:

"I'm gonna, I'm gonna lose my baby
So I always keep a bottle near
He said, I just think you're depressed
This, me, yeah, baby, and the rest"

8. She Wants Revenge - Out Of Control:

"We've got nowhere to go, we've got nothing to prove
Instead of dancing alone, I should be dancing with you
This song is turning me on, the beat is doing me in
Or maybe it's only you, but either way, lets begin"

9. Sia - Chandelier:

"Party girls don't get hurt 
Can't feel anything, when will I learn?"

10. Etta James - I Just Wanna Make Love To You:

"And I can tell by the way you walk that walk
And I can hear by the way you talk that talk
And I can know by the way you treat your girl
That I could give you all the loving in the whole wide world"

11. Cigarettes After Sex - Dreaming of You:

"Whispered something in your ear
It was a perverted thing to say
But I said it anyway
Made you smile & look away
Nothing's gonna hurt you baby"

12. Wolf Larsen - If I Be Wrong:

"But if I be wrong, if I be right
Let me be here with you
If I be wrong, if I be right
Let me stay here in your arms tonight"

13. Molotov - Rastamandita:

"Yo quiero bailar con la rasta, yo quiero bailar con larasta-mandita
porque ella es como una botella, ella es una botella dechaparrita"

14. Deap Vally - Royal Jelly:

"If you wanna be Queen Bee,
Then you better make honey.
If you wanna be Miss Thing,
Then you better start hustling"

15. Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk:

"Don’t believe me, just watch (come on)"

16. Devics - The Man I Love:

"Maybe I will meet him Sunday.
Maybe Monday, maybe not.
Still, I'm sure to meet him one day
Maybe Tuesday will be my good news day"


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